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Eerie, Indiana rewatch 2015: episode three, ATM with a Heart of Gold - To whom it may concern [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Eerie, Indiana rewatch 2015: episode three, ATM with a Heart of Gold [Aug. 15th, 2015|04:00 pm]


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Strap on your Sky Monsters part 2 (with bubble sole!), and strut like a sky-walking machine down to First Eerie Savings to sing 99 Bottles of Beer with Mister Wilson. Ladies, gentlemen, ain't it good to know you got a friend? Put your white plastic cash dispensing hands together for... ATM with a Heart of Gold!

[User Picture]From: froodle
2015-08-16 10:45 am (UTC)
I love how enthusiastic the municiple powers of Eerie are about new stuff they get for the town. They have bunting and music and a girl in a bathing suit twirling batons bedecked in ribbons... for a cash maschine.

Okay, the actual citizens of Eerie aren't that fussed, but Mayor Chisel is ridiculously pumped about it, and about Edgar for inventing it.

Also, I love how Marilyn is so proud that she kind of launches herself on Edgar during the unveiling. It's a bit silly when the Mayor is so happy over a cash machine, but it's lovely that Marilyn is so happy for him, and Syndi and Mars are there to share that moment with him, even though Mars is a bit non-plussed internally.

Eww, Mister Wilson giving the side-eye, so creepy.

So Simon's name on a keypad is 74666. I wonder if the last 3 letters of his name didnt correspond to 666, would Mister Wilson even have reacted?

So Edgar programmed Mister Wilson to be "not unlike" himself. I hope that doesn't mean Edgar is also clingy as shit... "Welcome, friiiieeeeennnnddddd..."

Eeeew, look at that old dude in the background creeping on teeenage Miss. Eerie. Also, they have a Miss. Eerie. I bet that gets pretty murderous in the final stages. That fourteen year old girl has probably killed like a dozen classmates already.

First introducion of Mr. Radford One/Fred Suggs, compulsive imposter.

There's an episode of Adventure Time where Jake uses that line about his big guts eating his little guts. I have no problems believing the people who write AT as adults were fans of Eerie as kids.

Ugh. UGH. That thing where you hang out in a group, and they talk about somethi g you're not familiar with, and when you ask about it they make fun of you. Sorry for a) not knowing everything and b) not just pretending I know it to fit in. Especially because most of Nick and Eddie's dialogue revolves around quoting adverts, so it's hardly something to be superior about.

The big brothers name is Ace. I already think he's a tool. Also, are his parents in the Congo, or gone to a condo? I can't quite make it out.

How horrible is that scene where Simon wheels his bike home and you can not only hear his parents screaming at each other, but smashing crockery too? And the next scene is him wandering around the town late at night, alone, in the dark.

Why does the cash machine have options for users to tell Mister Wilson they're having a shitty day, only to have him offer platitudes in response?

Those ice cream troughs are insane. Also, check out Marilyn's face when Simon opts to hamg around with Nick and Eddie, but only after they check he has money left. She is just itching to lay down some maternal advice. By the time the Lost Hour rolls around, she's including Simon in references to "our kids", but I guess at this stage she doesn't know him well enough and is making the effort not to overstep.

Edgar, only one person is using Mister Wilson because you gave him a weird uncanny valley face, you programmed him to be needy as fuck, and when he dispenses money he does an eye-popping bow-tie spinning thing that makes him look like an old Tex Avery cartoon of a guy getting a blowjob.

"Mister Wilson: he's better than Brussel sprouts." It lacks something. Ask Nick and Eddie,seems like all they do is watch adverts and receipt them verbatim, maybe they can give you some hints.

Love the Julia and Keifer cake. That completely slipped by me the first time I saw it; I didn't actually get it until my mum was watching it with me and started wetting herself laughing. Fortunately she's not Nick and Eddy, so she actually explained it to me I.stead of making me feel like a loser for not.understandi.g Hollywood scandals that happened before I hit double digits.

"My mum's not home." Ugh. UGH. Right in my heart, Simon, you are breaking me.

I love how Justin Shenkarow says "yeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" when the money falls out of his cupboard. It just really makes me laugh.
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[User Picture]From: froodle
2015-08-16 10:45 am (UTC)
Mars is all, oh, spending that money just didnt feel right. Don't be a dick, Marshall, Simon probably bought food with some of that cash. It's easier to be sensible with your money if you're someone who's actually grown up having it.

Slow mo, hat-throwing, cool-walking Simon! And those girls at the World o' Stuff counter hitting on Simon is so creepy - they have got to be Syndi's age. It would be like being creeped on by your babysitter.

"Use Hammerin when you wanna say 'thank God I don't have a headache any more!'" is the best headache advert ever. Seriously, that needs to be a t-shirt.

Syndi, don't be weird and flirty with the Mayor. Combined with sixteen year olds in tight skirts getting all come-hither at a nine year old, I'm way too skeeved out right now.

Love how Sergeant Knight just locks Chisel up "on general principle", and how the Mayor just takes it in stride. Also, Sergeant Knight's "don't leave town, Mr. Teller" combined with a super creepy fake grin.

Oh goodie, more creepy teenage girls dressed.like Cyndi Lauper and rubbing up on a nine year old. Also, Simon's gold chain and unbuttoned shirt, oh my God.

Oh my God, when they don't even know Simon's name. Justin Shenkarow's FACE, my heart!

I'm really disturbed by the way Mister Wilson sort of checks out and starts monotonously chanting 99 Bottles of Beer when Simon gives him the money back.It really does read like someone undergoing a massive trauma and having a nervous breakdown as a result.

And Mayor Chisel gets community service, "just in case", and is still just totally chill about the whole thing.

The episode ends with Simon having a birthday party, but at the start of the episode he tells Mars he was lying about it being a birthday, only to later buy himself a "birthday" cake.

My take on this is that it really was his birthday, he mentioned it, realises Mars doesn't know when his birthday is, and pretends to have lied about it so his mate doesn't feel awkward about having forgotten. His mate that then immediately ditches him to hang out with two older kids.

There is something unbelievably heartbreaking about that; this poor kid is so used to making himself inconspicuous and not drawing attention that he erases his own birthday so that other people don't have to momentarily feel bad.

And then Simon calls bullshit on shitty friends and designer shoes. Shitty friends, definately. Designer shoes, I dunno... he's probably just more mature about shoes at 9 than I am at 31.
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