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Twelve Days of Craftmas! - To whom it may concern [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Twelve Days of Craftmas! [Jan. 6th, 2016|12:01 am]


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And here it is, the final day of the Twelve Days of Craftmas challenge! This one is themed around Dash's introductory episode, the Hole in the Head Gang. However, it's very unfinished, so I'll probably be posting up more pictures further down the line.

Anyway, here's what I have so far:

 photo IMG_20151228_142628_zpsfoj6nk2g.jpg

 photo IMG_20151228_142636_zpsaeiexpmi.jpg

 photo IMG_20151228_142644_zpsd1bgs4ka.jpg

This one has a really cool charm of an old mill (the wheel really spins!) and a toaster with bread slices that actually pop up. There's a couple of milkshake-y things that I'm using as a Black Cow, a skipping rope that I'm using to represent both Mister Radford tied up in the basement, and Grungy Bill tying Simon and Dash up before going to rob the bank. There's also, for obvious reasons, dollar bills and little bags of money.

I'm going to add a pistol charm (of course), some little hand charms (for Dash) and maybe a little sheriff/star charm, if I can find one that I like. Also perhaps torches and cameras, maybe a football helmet to reference their "goonie" helmets. I'll post more pictures as I go!