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Twelve Days of Craftmas! - To whom it may concern [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Twelve Days of Craftmas! [Jan. 4th, 2016|12:01 am]


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Today's charm bracelet is themed around the Lost Hour:

 photo IMG_20151228_142415_zpspy9uhku2.jpg

 photo IMG_20151228_142419_zpsngdcnjpv.jpg

 photo IMG_20151228_142423_zps1q0nbujr.jpg

I've got a milk truck (it's super cute, the wheels actually turn), milk bottles and cows, melty clocks, regular clocks, a trash can (yes, you can buy charms of bins, but not berets, what the hell), gravestones and grim reapers, and a pair of Converse and a net for Janet (this is actually a lacrosse thingie, according to the eBay listing, but I say it's a shrimp net).

Similar to the Who's Who bracelet, I'd like to add some mirrored shades to this so that the Creepy Garbage Guys get a bit more representation.

From: deifire
2016-01-04 12:07 am (UTC)
OMG, I adore this one!!! Everything about it is awesome: the clocks, the milk truck, the trash can (and the fact that trash can charms are actually a thing that exists)...
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[User Picture]From: froodle
2016-01-04 05:36 pm (UTC)
Theres also silly hats for that scene where Mars and Janet are playing dressup in the World o' Stuff
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