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MASTERPOST: Fanfiction A- E by Author - To whom it may concern [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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MASTERPOST: Fanfiction A- E by Author [Jul. 10th, 2016|12:53 pm]


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Holy corn, you guys, I just tried updating the Fanfiction Masterpost with the latest entries, and for the second time while indexing this comm I ran out of space on the post. You guys, please, take a moment to digest exactly how awesome you are - you are so awesome, I ran out of room while listing your awesomeness.

So, I have had to split the fic masterlist into two parts for now, A-E by author here, and G-Z over here.

Eerie, Indiana fanfiction at Archive of Our Own

Better Weird than Dead, an Eerie, Indiana FicFest at

Eerie, Indiana fanfiction at Fanfiction.net

Eerie, Indiana crossovers at Fanfiction.net

Author: And I

Simple Insanity by and_i. Dash, just before the events of Reality Takes a Holiday. (At the WayBack Machine)

Author: ChibiMarchy

Eerie, Indiana fic masterpost by chibimarchy. NB: the author plans to purge this LJ at some point, so please save these. Your future super-old time-travelling milkman self will thank you. (At the WayBack Machine)

Author: Dancinbutterfly

Supernaturally Eerie, part 1 by dancinbutterfly. Crossover with Supernatural (At the WayBack Machine)

Supernaturally Eerie, part 2 by dancinbutterfly. (At the WayBack Machine)

Supernaturally Eerie, part 3 by dancinbutterfly. (At the WayBack Machine)

Supernaturally Eerie, part 4 by dancinbutterfly. (At the WayBack Machine)

Supernaturally Eerie, part 5 by dancinbutterfly. (At the WayBack Machine)

Supernaturally Eerie, part 6 by dancinbutterfly. (At the WayBack Machine)

Supernaturally Eerie, part 7 by dancinbutterfly. (At the WayBack Machine)

Author: Deifire

Unseen by deifire. (At the WayBack Machine)

The Black Cow is Life, part 1 by deifire. (At the WayBack Machine)

The Black Cow is Life, part 2 by deifire. (At the WayBack Machine)

What You Could Have Had by deifire. (At the WayBack Machine)

What You Could Have Had, part 2 by deifire. (At the WayBack Machine)

Four by deifire. (At the WayBack Machine)

No Pain, No Fear by deifire. "It's ten years later. Dash is helping Marshall and Simon investigate the forces of weirdness for a living when an old associate comes looking for help." (At the WayBack Machine)

'Til Death, or The Alternate History of the Old Mill Investigation, Dash/Mars, rated T by deifire. (At the WayBack Machine)

Under the Christmas Tree by deifire. Marshall hadn’t put the giant artificial Christmas tree in the center of downtown Eerie on the list of potentially weird things that needed investigating... (At the WayBack Machine)

Scandal by deifire. Janet handed over the envelope full of evidence... (At the WayBack Machine)

Parade by deifire. It starts with the high school marching band... (At the WayBack Machine)

Storyteller by deifire. In which some old photographs are rediscovered. (At the WayBack Machine)

Chestnuts Roasting by deifire. In which the trio's attempt at observing a holiday tradition goes wrong. (At the WayBack Machine)

Return of the Corn Critters by deifire. The latest Corn Critters installment receives mixed reviews. (At the WayBack Machine)

Mine by deifire. It's Marshall's first summer home from college. He gets caught. (At the WayBack Machine)

Winter Solstice by deifire. In his home in Eerie, Indiana, thirteen-year-old Simon Holmes wakes up with a start... (At the WayBack Machine)

Out of the Cold by deifire. In which a major winter storm blows through Eerie, and a trend is definitely not started. (At the WayBack Machine)

Let the Storm Rage On by deifire. Dash versus Disney again. (At the WayBack Machine)

An Eerie Winter Fairy Tale by deifire. Sara Sue was never the only artist in the family. (At the WayBack Machine)

Stray by deifire. What if Dash X had arrived in Eerie in a very different form? (At the WayBack Machine)

We Have All The Stars by deifire. "It’s just at times like this, when I realize I’m spending Christmas Day on the run through time and space from an alien civilization with a bad habit of destroying entire worlds, I wish I’d taken a moment to appreciate how normal our lives back in Eerie really were..." (At the WayBack Machine)

The Brief yet Eventful Life of Jack the Singing Jackalope Head by deifire. In which Syndi's weird choice of Christmas gift leads to a few sleepless nights and one plot of revenge. (At the WayBack Machine)

Home Cooking by deifire. In which Marshall makes dinner. (At the WayBack Machine)

Really Big Homicidal Cat by deifire. In which Simon's worst first date yet forces him to get Dash involved. (At the WayBack Machine)

Truth or...? by deifire. In their first year living together, Mary and Andrea host a New Year's Eve party for their chosen family: the kids of Eerie, all grown up. (At the WayBack Machine)

Exterior. The Eerie Truck Stop - Night by deifire. So this is how it ends, Marshall thought, as his vision began to go dark... (At the WayBack Machine)

Lazy Winter Sunday by deifire. It's a lazy winter Sunday at the Teller house. (At the WayBack Machine)

Busted! by deifire. “That’s all you were doing? And not, say, anything mega-illicit which you promised you wouldn’t do, or else an intervention might have to be called?” (At the WayBack Machine)

Family by deifire. In which Dash fails to have any emotional reaction whatsoever to the latest Sunday matinee. (At the WayBack Machine)

Item #1204 by deifire. Item #1204 in the Evidence Locker is an ugly Christmas sweater knitted by Mrs. Pauline Fremont... (At the WayBack Machine)

Gift by deifire. In which Dash attempts Christmas shopping. (At the WayBack Machine)

Last Call by deifire. Somewhere outside, the world is burning. (At the WayBack Machine)

Marshall's First Car by deifire. It figures. (At the WayBack Machine)

The First Thanksgiving by deifire. The Teller family celebrates a Thanksgiving with a lot of firsts. (At the WayBack Machine)

Observations by deifire. In a quiet moment in which nothing that's happening is actually supposed to be happening, Marshall Teller comes to a sudden realization. (At the WayBack Machine)

Dungeons and All That by deifire. In which the Eerie Tabletop RPG Club attempts another meeting. (At the WayBack Machine)

Dash Dances by deifire. In which Mars and Dash's latest stupid argument leads to...dancing? (At the WayBack Machine)

Dash's Theory of Zombification by deifire. (At the WayBack Machine)

Five Minutes by deifire. One early morning the summer of Marshall Teller's eighteenth year, things are changing way too fast. (At the WayBack Machine)

Heart in Glass by deifire. Sometimes she lives fast. Sometimes she dies young. Sometimes she even leaves a good-looking corpse. (At the WayBack Machine)

Zombies in PJs 2.0 by deifire. The Donald from "Zombies in P.J.s" meets with his next potential business partner. (At the WayBack Machine)

Ten Eerie Drabbles by deifire. (At the WayBack Machine)

Life with Mars by deifire. "My name is Marshall Teller. I knew moving back to Eerie, Indiana after college and dedicating my life to investigating the forces of weirdness on a professional basis with my trusted associate Simon Holmes and my other associate Dash X would be difficult. What I didn't know was that moving in with them would be the biggest challenge I had ever faced." (At the WayBack Machine)

The Kid Who Shot Marshall Teller by deifire. Where did Dash X get the script in "Reality Takes a Holiday," and what would have happened if he'd actually succeeded in killing Marshall off the show? Eerie's resident sneaky grey-haired kid learns why you should always look before you climb in the back of a milk truck and why you should never, ever trust anyone who tells you they're from the network. (At the WayBack Machine)

Selected Scenes from Eerie after Nightfalls (complete) by deifire. Marshall and Dash go to a club. Weirdness ensues. (At the WayBack Machine)

Author: EerieSlash

Fabulos-O by eerieslash. (At the WayBack Machine)

Fabulos-O Returns by eerieslash. (At the WayBack Machine)

Plus and Minus by eerieslash. Marshall's being followed and hides in Dash's new 'home', a creepy abandoned house. Eventually his pursuers catch up with him... (At the WayBack Machine)

New Student by eerieslash. (At the WayBack Machine)

Lab Rat by eerieslash. (At the WayBack Machine)

Sex on the Floor of a Warehouse During the Zombie Apocalypse by eerieslash. (At the WayBack Machine)

The Manuscript by eerieslash. (At the WayBack Machine)

Typical Day in Eerie by eerieslash. (At the WayBack Machine)

Sinister Intentions by eerieslash. (At the WayBack Machine)

I'm Not Skipping School by eerieslash. (At the WayBack Machine)

Visit to the Dealer by eerieslash. (At the WayBack Machine)

Author: Eviinsanemonkey

In The Library by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

Much Too Sinister by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

God's Not Dead (he just has trouble remembering) by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

Eerie/Welcome to NightVale crossover by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

Avatar by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

Avatar part 2 by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

The Thing About the Basement by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

Weird to Weird by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

Dinner for Two by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

Chocolates by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

Land to Sea: A Chronicle of the Kraken War by eviinsanemonkey. Things have always been weird in Eerie, and Dash and Simon have learned to handle it without Teller. But when investigating the Eerie lake goes wrong and leaves Simon in critical condition, Dash has to call on Marshall for help. Except Mars has moved on from Eerie, Indiana. He has a life outside the weirdness. But the weirdness doesn't want to let him go. Doesn't want to let any of them go. (At the WayBack Machine)

Putting Up These Lights by eviinsanemonkey. The Christmas decorations are giving Edgar a hard time. (At the WayBack Machine)

Christmas of the Lost by eviinsanemonkey. The Radfords in the Bureau of Lost gather for their own Christmas traditions. (At the WayBack Machine)

Memories by eviinsanemonkey. Radford has a lonely Christmas. As usual. (At the WayBack Machine)

Fever Dreams by eviinsanemonkey. Mars is sick at Christmas. (At the WayBack Machine)

Be Careful What You Wish For by eviinsanemonkey. Dash makes a wish, but things don't turn out quite the way he expects. (At the WayBack Machine)

Christmas Traditions by eviinsanemonkey. Simon and Harley at Christmas time. (At the WayBack Machine)

Evaluation Day by eviinsanemonkey. The Party Fowl has his evaluation. (At the WayBack Machine)

Over Dash's Dead Body by eviinsanemonkey. Beware old movies. (At the WayBack Machine)

Apology by eviinsanemonkey. Dash won't help until he gets something from Mars. (At the WayBack Machine)

Protective by eviinsanemonkey. Marilyn has some choice words about the weirdness of Eerie. (At the WayBack Machine)

Buried Treasure by eviinsanemonkey. On a treasure hunt, Chisel and Radford find something unexpected. (At the WayBack Machine)

The Naughty List by eviinsanemonkey. Mars discovers his presents are not what he expected. (At the WayBack Machine)

Vacation by eviinsanemonkey. Wally and Howard are going on vacation. Properly, oddly enough. (At the WayBack Machine)

Santa Mars by eviinsanemonkey. Marshall has to atone for his mistakes. This month, he's Santa. (At the WayBack Machine)

Bubble Bath by eviinsanemonkey. Syndi deserves some relaxing time. (At the WayBack Machine)

Beg by eviinsanemonkey. Mars needs a favor. (At the WayBack Machine)

Krampus by eviinsanemonkey. A Christmas poem. (At the WayBack Machine)

New Year, New You by eviinsanemonkey. Dash and Marshall talk resolutions. Sort of. (At the WayBack Machine)

Open Fire by eviinsanemonkey. Radford got there too late. (At the WayBack Machine)

Impersonation by eviinsanemonkey. Mars has a terrible plan. (At the WayBack Machine)

The Plan by eviinsanemonkey. Dash has a plan for dealing with carol singers. (At the WayBack Machine)

Attack! by eviinsanemonkey. Simon suffers through another session of D&D. (At the WayBack Machine)

Decorations by eviinsanemonkey. Mars and Dash are trying to decorate the tree. (At the WayBack Machine)

The Lonely Ghost by eviinsanemonkey. Simon, Mars, and Dash confront a ghost on Christmas Eve and things don't really go according to plan. (At the WayBack Machine)

Five Times Syndi Teller Accidentally Used Magic (and one time she did it on purpose) by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

The Problem with Magic by eviinsanemonkey. The problem with magic is it's a very imprecise science. Crossover with Hocus Pocus. (At the WayBack Machine)

Weird to Weird by eviinsanemonkey. JP makes a discovery when he's still in the library catalog, and after all is said and done he and LaFontaine decide to go look into a different kind of weird. (At the WayBack Machine)

In the Library by eviinsanemonkey. There's something amiss at the Eerie library, and our intrepid heroes are determined to save it. Mostly because Simon insists. (At the WayBack Machine)

A Rerun Milk Carton (Or Four Names that Could have been Dash's) by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

Cycle Ends by eviinsanemonkey. Much like the Norsemen have their Ragnarök, Eerie has it's end. (At the WayBack Machine)

Puppetmaster by eviinsanemonkey. The master pulls the strings and thus the puppet must dance. (At the WayBack Machine)

All the Right Words by eviinsanemonkey. Syndi has to save Simon and Dash has to save Marshall and it's all kinds of backwards and weird, but Marshall figures that's just what happens when the right books find you in Eerie. (At the WayBack Machine)

Eerie in my Veins by eviinsanemonkey. Dash is figuring things out. AU. (At the WayBack Machine)

Where the Rules Don't Apply and here by eviinsanemonkey.Crossover with Supernatural. (At the WayBack Machine)

The Effects of Eerie by eviinsanemonkey. Dash has Marshall up against a wall. (At the WayBack Machine)

Simon Always Knows by eviinsanemonkey. Simon knew something was up, but it wasn't quite what he expected. (At the WayBack Machine)

Dash X woke up in Eerie with no memory of who he was or how he got there. A drabble about that moment by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

Another Day in Eerie by eviinsanemonkey. It was just a dress, but Marshall still should've known better. (At the WayBack Machine)

Stakeout by eviinsanemonkey. Mars and Simon have planned a stakeout to try and learn more about Dash X, but Dash has plans of his own and, well, maybe there's more to Dash then meets the eye. In Eerie, you never know. (At the WayBack Machine)

The Pale Horse by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

Calling Echoes by eviinsanemonkey. Crossover with "Things We Saw At Midnight". (At the WayBack Machine)

Christmas in June by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

Late Night by eviinsanemonkey. (At the WayBack Machine)

[User Picture]From: deifire
2016-07-10 12:46 pm (UTC)

I cannot get over how prolific we are!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: froodle
2016-07-10 12:51 pm (UTC)
This is SO COOL, right?! I am in total nerdy flailglee right now.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: eviinsanemonkey
2016-07-10 10:44 pm (UTC)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: froodle
2016-07-11 07:11 am (UTC)

Also hot chocolate and lots of poking around in weird real life places
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: eviinsanemonkey
2016-07-11 01:46 pm (UTC)
you're an inspiration
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: froodle
2016-07-11 05:01 pm (UTC)
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