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Eerie, Indiana rewatch 2015: episode sixteen, No Brain, No Pain - To whom it may concern [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Eerie, Indiana rewatch 2015: episode sixteen, No Brain, No Pain [Nov. 14th, 2015|04:00 pm]


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Fire up your 8-tracks, people... it's time for No Brain, No Pain.

[User Picture]From: deifire
2015-11-15 06:34 am (UTC)

"Quick, to the Brainalyzer!"

This is one of the episodes that seems truly dated on the re-watch, mostly because of all the political references. Which seem kind of odd for a kids' show. Then again, I just watched an episode of Gravity Falls involving a piece of technology once used by Ronald Reagan's masters to control him, so...

The most fun part of this one is definitely the performances, particularly Justin Shenkarow as Charles Furnell. The whole scene in the Tellers' living room remains one of the best moments of the entire series.

Also, so much love for that moment when Marshall realizes he's in Eunice's body.

Nice Big Trouble in Little China shout-out with the Dragon of the Black Pool Chinese Restaurant.

They're also really having fun with the background music here: Terminator 2 theme when Eunice shows up and later "My Sharona."

The fight in the alley is pretty much the first time we see Dash get involved with the plot on his own initiative. Even more than "Mr. Chaney," this is the episode that establishes Dash really, really likes/wants/needs money, which stays a consistent part of his character for the rest of the series.

Let's just handwave everything we know about the information storage capacity of 8-track tapes from here on out.

"Did they take your brain, too?" Poor Donna will never learn.

I love how the boys are obviously extremely worried about Syndi, but they still take time to pack everything up and haul it with them back to the house. And Simon's hug when he realizes she's okay...so sweet.

I wonder if Charles and Eunice's attempt to give their relationship another shot actually lasted.
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[User Picture]From: merrymelody
2015-11-15 12:38 pm (UTC)
+ This one isn't one of my favourites of the later episodes, I like it but I think it's too busy.
Like there's a great spine (don't underestimate people, help others) but there's too much going on, especially with the backstory for Charles and Eunice.

+ I do like that in this one, Marshall at least has more reason to pull the superiority card, since Dash is more active in the plot (as opposed to the Zombies in PJs one, which asks a bit much by having Marshall pity Radford for how 'desperate' he is because he's being pulled up for tax evasion, but judges Dash for being greedy.)

+ Although I think Dash does get a kick out of Eunice and her shenanigans - this is the first adult who's approval he seeks, but not the last.
He also seems to genuinely buy her story about how Furnell went 'nuts' (maybe because him brainalyzing himself is really stupid? ;) and him referring to her as 'mom' and 'grandma Schwartznegger' is kinda cute.

+ Simon gets a great part ('I'M FLABBERGASTED!') and that huge hug for Syndi is adorable.

+ Marshall as Eunice is cute too, the falsetto and feeling his chest when he wakes, lol.

+ Love Dash hiding behind Simon hiding behind Mars in the beginning, too.
(But then directly threatening Simon with the vice-presidential bit! How rude. Wonder if it's significant that he's fine with leaving Simon with no memory; since that's his own position already.)

+ Re: Simon, there's also more of him aping adult's speech ('At least we know he's not a liberal') and it's him that's first to reach out to Furnell on human terms - Dash's instinct is self-interest (to be fair, this seems to be the attitude of Eerie as a whole, and is mirrored back at him with the contempt shown to him as a fellow homeless person: 'No one will miss him!'), maybe a bit of fear once the police become an issue; Marshall is more charitable but is also motivated by curiosity, iirc. Even the Tellers are sympathetic but ineffectual.

+ Favourite scene: the reveal of the bodyswap.
The Mars/Dash is adorable - when Mars-as-Eunice says 'Way to go!' at Dash confessing that counting the money didn't feel right; the particularly sympathetic VO from Mars about how when you're alone it makes it tough to think of others; and the whole switchback (Dash sighing and wiping his forehead - with the gun, wtf?! - after shooting Eunice-as-Mars; while Mars-as-Eunice pats his back; and then Dash leaning over, peering anxiously at Marshall as they swap the memories, while they reuse the 'It's you!' bit from 'Mr Chaney' - and more Dash embarrassment at not only helping out: 'I must be coming down with something' but also listening to Mars.

+ What does the Potpourri button DO?!

+ The snippets of the Todd and Donna show are hilarious, I could watch a whole episode of that, tbh.

+ Syndi and Dash seem to have some kind of interest going on - Syndi says he's cute in one episode, in another he mentions the coordinates to her 'bedroom'.
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[User Picture]From: froodle
2015-11-21 10:31 pm (UTC)
I love that scene in the Tellers front room where Simon starts screaming about "acrobatic massage techniques" and Eunice, Edgar and Marilyn are staring in shock... and Omri Katz completely fails to react, like hes just looking off in the distance with this derpy look on his face. Makes me howl with laughter every time I see it.
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